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WebYep elements kit for BBEdit's Clippings folder

In my book, Crisis Communications: A Primer for Teams , I mention content management systems (CMS) as a means of rapidly updating media rooms on websites.

Not everyone needs Drupal or Joomla or Wordpress for CMS. WebYep is a great solution for keeping things simple.

BBEdit Clippings folder - WebYep Using BBEdit's Clippings folder, you can implement WebYep very easily without knowing PHP. Otherwise you would have to buy Dreamweaver and use the WebYep plug-in. For me that's not a matter of dollars, I just don't like using WYSIWYG editors. Hand coding is somewhat like driving a stick shift: those of us who do it, appreciate its benefits.

I've extracted the code for WebYep's elements and organized them in folders — one set of clippings is clean, the other includes comments on usage and parameter settings.

The clippings were extracted from the WebYep documentation here:

In the BBEdit top menu bar ( here's the manual ) , you click on the Clippings tool (the black circle with the C in it) , select "Open clippings folder" (the first item) , and copy the two folders there. Then you can use "Change Set" to access code, either clean or commented, for WebYep's elements.

I organized these code clippings for BBEdit, but they can be used with TextWrangler or any text editor that shows all open files in either tabs or a sidebar.

You just open all the files in the folder you want to use — 'clean' or 'commented' — then click on the function you want and copy and paste. You might want to lock the clippings files so they can't be accidentally changed.

The WebYep documentation focuses on Dreamweaver, and the screenshots there reflect this, but it contains everything you need to know to use WebYep with a plain text/code editor.

If you're looking for a hosting company with support for all major CMS systems, I recommend and use GreenGeeks . They're affordable, have outstanding service, and are leaders in green energy.

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