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Establishing good relationships with important publics is an investment. Managing this is the job of public relations.

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Controlled media

A common misconception is that good public relations is about the mass media. Good press simply reinforces your good reputation. Bad press means you've been asleep at the wheel.

Issues and focus

  1. Good issues management will resolve conflict long before it gets in the press.
  2. Effective two-way communication and an open systems approach will help ensure this.
  3. Organizations don't have the resources to foster relationships with everyone — they need to focus on their important publics and the issues that matter to them.

The utility of controlled media

  1. Controlled media — your newsletters, annual report, website, public speaking engagements, events — can interpret the work of your organization and facilitate dialogue.
  2. Controlled media is a resource for your staff — they can use it to provide detail and scope as they interact with others.
  3. Controlled media can address specific issues and be distributed to audiences that directly impact on the effectiveness of your organization.
  4. Controlled media is produced by good listening skills, sound editorial judgment, capable writing. It focuses on timely issues. It is engaging, balanced, readable.
  5. Good controlled media is not 'flack'. It is intelligent, credible content that illuminates issues and helps promote discussion and mutual solutions.

The process of producing excellent 'controlled media' will help ensure you're in touch with evolving issues. It will also help resolve them.

Controlled media, along with your communication culture and your actual performance, will determine your reputation. And your reputation precedes your presence in the press.

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