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Establishing good relationships with important publics is an investment. Managing this is the job of public relations.

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Convergence and integrated communication

In leading organizations, public relations and marketing and sales have all arrived at an open systems approach.

  Public relations Marketing Sales
'two-way, symmetrical'*
— dialogue, mutual solutions
'social responsibility'*
— customers are broadly defined, sustainability is a priority
'relationship selling'*
— dialogue, sensitive, flexible, partners, follow-through is a priority
'two-way, asymmetrical'
— research, persuasion
— customer orientation, profitable volume
'public information'
— journalism, credibility
— hard sell
'traditional selling'
— one-sided, canned approach, closing is the priority
'press agentry'
— promotion, publicity
— 'build a better mousetrap'

(A mix of these models will be present in many settings.)

Organizations do not exist in a vacuum. An open systems approach helps them manage within a context of social and political realities. At the same time, it promotes integrated communication.

* Adapted from two excellent references — Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management , edited by James E. Grunig, and Relationship Selling by Jim Cathcart.

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