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Establishing good relationships with important publics is an investment. Managing this is the job of public relations.

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Public relations vs. marketing

The agendas of public relations and marketing are different. Marketing is interested in the market — consumers and demand. Public relations is interested in relationships — reducing conflict and improving cooperation.

Good public relations will create a healthy environment for marketing. But simply providing technical support for marketing is not the same as good public relations.

An important study* on excellence in communication management identified four major public relations models:

(More than one model may be apparent in any public relations practice. Philosophy and vision will determine which one is dominant.)

The same study found that excellent organizations were associated with three factors:

The two critical questions were:

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The bottom line is a balance of receivables and payables. Marketing adds value by increasing income. Public relations adds value by decreasing the expenses that are necessary when issues are ignored.

Consider the alternatives to these situations:

Faking it doesn't work. Not caring and then apologizing doesn't work. An old addage is that the "P" and the "R" in public relations stand for performance and recognition. Good relationships are genuine.

Marketing and public relations both work best when they're treated as distinct management functions. These two functions can pull together as equals on a team, and this works to integrate the business process.


*These issues are thoroughly covered in the landmark IABC study, Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management , edited by James. E. Grunig.

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