APR - Accredited in Public Relations
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Establishing good relationships with important publics is an investment. Managing this is the job of public relations.

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Writing, editing

WHAT RESOURCES DO you have on hand to facilitate communication? Do these integrate print with online media and include compelling images? Are your background and profile easily available?

Writing about your own organization is always difficult. You're simply too close to the content. We can capture what your best clients see in you and present it in a compelling way.

An effective portrait of your organization can work for you in these areas:

We can develop new copy for you or just tighten and polish what you already have.

Editorial photography

Visual communication offers unique dynamics: a non-verbal message delivers direct impact.

We can help you build a stock of digital images that capture the story and soul of your organization. A photo-essay can add impact to your website, portable display units, promotional materials, and annual report.

We offer editorial photography services within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Media relations

Solid content with strong audience relevance can help develop your markets.

Here's what we can do for you:

Long-standing relationships often begin with a simple project. Let us hear your current needs.

—  Al Czarnecki APR, FCPRS, LM

(See also fundraising support and website development .)

We help organizations communicate about issues and action
to build credibility, relevance and support.

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